The red dress

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The red dress

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good memory become gold with time.


This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                             The red dress

The reflection of unwanted love.  True love beyond reach. Leave us yearning for things we cannot have.

Her teasing gestures make me unravel and have selfish wants. I befriended her the auburn hair beauty with slender tan leg and beautiful smile. I promised her adventure and she promised me nothing.

Her golden brown eyes make me feel weak and meek. She requested often. Please read your poetry to me as she rested her head in my lap. Her sparkling eyes making me wish to be condemn in her view.

My surging want for her she knew. I was relinquishing my time with her knowing my woman of’fantasy was just a aroma of love. I knew some woman want too much and are like a whirlwind of storm and need. They leave men with curtains that are open than closed too quickly. Believing in false promises scorn the tender heart and better to be a realistic in what is true and not.

She wore her red dress for me and I could smell her perfume of wildflower free. I was bewitched by  her ‘beauty. I wanted nothing and I wanted everything. I knew the payment for the gift of kiss and embrace.I knew when you are shrouded with soft kiss and tender skin. Safety of common sense faltered.

We drank and danced near the sea at Seaside beach. She wrapped her body around me and whispered. Read me words of love and release. Make me dream wild and free.

I read every poem of love I had. Her penetrating eyes make me feel weak and having no control. She led me to her apartment in downtown Monterey. She requested the promised massage I offered often. She released her red dress and kicks off her shoes. She stood smiling as I adored her perfect body. She laid on her bed and I saw her perfect tan legs, butt and back. She turn to me and said. Lotion on the table. You will be my slave tonight.

I found the lotion and I started with her feet. I took my time. I wanted to treasure every part of her perfect body. She closed her eyes and fell in to the meditation of my touch.

I saw the laughing shadows, the unfolding of making me wish for her the rest of my life. I fell into the silence of the night and  absorbs her beauty with gentle touch and graceful eyes.

She turned around and brought her legs to my shoulders. I slowly massaged soft calves and strong thighs. She whispered with voluptuous eyes. I know you want me. I feel it in your touch and I see it in your eyes. We don’t have forever. Love need to be discreet and not painful. In the cadence of need, we need to rest and retreat into need freely and unafraid.

She took my hands and she kissed them. She brought her hands to her breasts that were demanding attention. She shared warm sweet kisses that condemned me to fall into her arms and tender skin.

Fleeing Summer took me away from her and Monterey. The Western Dawn made me wish for Monterey and the woman with the golden brown eyes and beautiful tan legs asking me. Please Johnnie read. Make me wild for love. Make me yearn for sweet kiss and dance.

Old Poet can embrace sweet memory. The gifts of love are never forgotten.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry

© 2014 Coyote Poetry