A thousand kisses deep

















A thousand kisses deep

She whispered. Sweet lover listen to my heart. I have nothing to conceal. Please take anything you need. Love isn’t free. In the madness of love. We must feast on tender skin, turn the skin inside out, make it bleed with want and need. You must show me I can feel and I’m alive.

My once reluctant kisses ascended to places of no return. The refrain of love had evaporated and I’m dying to live because of your kiss and embrace. You have told me once. Everyone cried and died in the emotion of love. We must forgive negative love and never forget we had loved. Now a thousand kisses deep and adrift in a sweet and kind love. I don’t remember yesterday. I want today and now.

I brought my sweet love near and I whispered. We are in a runaway love. Insane in direction with no control. Love is fragile and we must construct a enduring love. I kissed my raven hair beauty and told her.

You are here in our home and when I’m away from you. I can imagine your beautiful face. I miss your gentle and hungry hands. Fragments of you stay with me throughout my day. My days are endurable because I know I will return to the embrace of your arms, to intake the fragment of the lavender in your skin and kiss your sweet rosy lips. I know I’m the fortunate one.

You love me and I love you. We will mourn no more.

Coyote/John Castellenas