Good days make the bad ones less painful


Daughter will graduate today



Grandchildren keep me wanting more days upon the earth.




Little girl growth up. All we can do is pray for a happy ending.



Time goes by and you can’t return to the good day in body.

We need photos for the heart.



Photos for the   heart


Old days are gone.

New days are here.

I have learn to celebrate laughter and forget the sadness.

I have a honored life. Dear Grandpa told me. Education is life.

Last child will graduate High School.

I obeyed the simple rule of my Grandparent. Stay in one place and keep the children safe.

I can see Grandpa smiling from heaven today.



He would tell me. Will done Johnnie. You did your job right. A lot of children will graduate soon. I like the wise words of  a great words-man.  “Children are the wealth of a nation. Treat them well. They are the future.”

Thank you for reading.

Coyote/John Castellenas