For Grandpa (Happy Father’s day)



For Grandpa

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Happy father’s day


                        For Grandpa

(Written for my Grandfather in June of 1980. Was posted in his kitchen till his death.)

Time had surpass.

I have growth from a small lad.

I was always dragging my small feet behind you.

Now I’m a man and your love and feeling of safeness is still with me.

I will remember your lectures and sitting close to you listening to the stories of the good days and family.

I miss the days of sitting in the warmth of your home and hearing your laughter.

The memories of the New Years eyes where you celebrated with your friends and laughter still give me strength to struggle on.

Whatever I do or accomplish in my life will be filled with the memory of your love and concern if I graduated or received a award.

I hope to have many more days to share with you. To sit and be quiet and listen to your voice.

Life will move on and the love you taught me for family will never be forgotten.

It there was a way for me to thank you with gold. I would buy it.

I know in your mind. I honored you by returning the love and standing on my two feet and accomplishing something worthwhile.

Thank you Grandpa. I will try to be like you. A calm voice in the world of chaos.

(Dear Grandfather died in 1998)

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry