Words can have different meanings. “Love and hate”

Love and hate

Sitting by the Monterey bay alone.
Thinking about a missed woman.
I made a wish.
It wasn’t the first star,
but I made the wish anyway.

Stars so very bright, so many I can’t count them.
I have a wish.
A wish for a woman with the hungry eyes.

Eyes that make a man beg for forgiveness,
before accomplishing any wrong deeds.

I wish to be tied up in a love.
Where only the road to hell will bring peace.

Wishes are fool’s notions.
The only wish that will come true is when you find death.

I will sing a fool’s notion.
Make a wish.
Maybe some twisted God will bring me to her.

I will look into her eyes.
Feel weak from  the hunger crying out.

Crying out for another dance in the turmoil of the flesh.
That can’t ever be fulfilled.
Increases with each touch.
Till she will toss me aside for another man.

I won’t cry out in disappointment.
I requested this trip.
I may even find some fulfillment in the memories.

Star so bright.
Bring me the woman with the hungry eyes.
I know the payment.
I’m ready for the game of love and hate.


© 2011 Coyote Poetry