Daily Archive: June 16, 2014

Purgatory Inn “Conversation with a Siren”

Purgatory Inn “Conversation with a Siren.” A Poem by Coyote Poetry Purgatory part two Warning This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.       Purgatory Inn — … Continue reading

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The trees poetry by Joyce Kilmer, Ben Jonson and me

the trees A Poem by Coyote Poetry I had a tree poem in my head for weeks. I hope it is worthwhile to read. Trees BY JOYCE KILMER I think that I shall never… Continue reading

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Whispers in the dark

Whispers in the dark A Poem by Coyote Poetry Things never touched can haunt us more than what was done.                          Whispers in the dark I lay on cold sheets not wanting the… Continue reading

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