Whispers in the dark


Whispers in the dark

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Things never touched can haunt us more than what was done.


                         Whispers in the dark

I lay on cold sheets not wanting the warmth of the night. My thoughts are flowing to you.
Miles separate us and by closing my eyes. I see your face and I try to set-up perfect dreams with you and I.
Holding embrace like secret lovers hiding in the dark, not wanting the light of the new day to interrupt.

Sometimes I feel your love near, like we are reaching out in sweet dreams where kind lovers can go and know peace.
I feel you caressing my mind and thoughts. Making me come alive and yearning to touch tender skin and soft mouth.

My lover. We can’t allow time and separation to make us forget. Love is sweet like the Summer German wine. Love isn’t hard, just need to be caressed and kept alive.

The distance is becoming less and my hope for your sweet kiss and embrace keep me alive and well. I know one day, sweet dreams can come true and love is life. Life is love.

You are my last dream. Your beautiful face and voice made me wish upon the first star of the night. I whisper in the dark  of the night for the beautiful woman who made me dream and smile once again.

Coyote/John Castellenas
Written in April 1980/Rewritten in 2014