25 days in paradise







Beautiful Jennifer.
25 days in  paradise.


I was alone and almost dead in spirit and hope. At work I was considered the best in the business.I could make money selling cow shit.  I worked 12 hours a days . I  would do more if I could. My personnel life was shit.  After putting a brother of 18 years old in the grave.


 I had little want to be alive. Except for my will not to break my mother poor heart.I was the last  living boy and I would not hurt her. I was the teacher to many successful managers in the business.They would sent me the ones on their last leg to see if I could save them.

I got a call. A young woman would come to me today. I  was her last hope to keep her job.I told them I would do my best. I sat at my kitchen table cleaning my 30-30.A gift from my father. I clean it weekly.When I clean the rifle. It create a strange peace for a moment.

I looked at pictures of three brothers. Who died young without knowing life. At work I hear a knock at the door.
A beautiful girl with flowing red hair and blue eyes is  waiting. I opened the door and asked what she wanted?

She was tall. Almost 6 foot in height. Her perfume overtook me for a moment. She dressed like a woman and was still so young. She told me her name was Jennifer. She was here to be trained.

At first I thought it was a joke but she spoke.  I need to keep this job. I was told you are the best. You must teach me to be organized and run a business please. I was tire and her beauty twisted my mind. I believed she needed experience with sales and cost to be able to learn.

I told her Okay.  She hugged me tightly. I felt  a young perfect body against mine. I worked with her for three months.She was smart and caught on very quickly.I allowed her to be alone and she gathered many accounts.We became friends.Ate long lunches together. She told me all her dream.She wanted to be a designer.She made her own dresses and wanted to design.

I decided to move on to a new job.Jennifer was very sad and  I told her. She was ready and I was proud of her.
She hugged me and said she loved me.  I held her a minute and whispered you are so cute. But what can a old man do with you? She spoke  quietly and told me.  10 years is nothing.


I left her with tears.She called me back to the office and asked could she have a going away party?  I say Okay. The party is at the Hilton Inn.About 10 good friends showed up.Jennifer organized a pool going away party with a lot of beer and wine.It was a good time.  I sat by the pool talking to a old friend.

Jennifer appear in a tight blue bathing suit. Showing her perfect 20-year-old body. I could not stop looking at her. She come to me in the pool.  Her bright blue eyes looked at me.  My friend swam away. She swam to me and wrapped her arms around me.I try to say no.  I whispered she was so beautiful. and she laid her head into my chest.

I smelled her hair and  felt her breasts against me. I gave her an innocent kiss and thanks her for the party.Jennifer got four rooms so no-one would need to drive home.We did our last cheer. Jennifer took my hand and lead me to her room. We fell on the hotel bed. I asked her why would she wants a man like me? You are beautiful and young with too much to give. She began to kiss my hands and kiss each finger. I just sat and fell into clear blue eyes.  As my Will broke as her kisses move to my chest and neck.

As our lips meet. She whispered please love me and don’ t leave. She  removed her bathing suit. Her young and tan body I reach for. I brought her to me. We kissed and  I tried to find  the hidden secrets of her body.She cries out as I remove all her safeties.

Her hunger increases with each touch  to be held. She whispered love me like tonight will be our last. I Move to her stomach kissing and smelling her sweetness of her body.




Story part 2 of three-Sweet Jennifer, 90 days of paradise.
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                    Sweet Jennifer.
25 days in  paradise.

I awoke early. Caressed her shoulders and back.Her legs seem to go on forever. Jennifer awoke and she kissed  me. Told me I must go. She ran naked into the bathroom. She came out. Kissed me and ran out of the room. I laid in the hotel bed. I could still smell Jennifer perfume.  I thank the lord of life and death for the night.

I didn’t know when I would see her again. She has a boyfriend and busy life. My new job was going well.  I worked late and when I arrived home. I saw Jennifer’s car in the front of the house.She was sitting on my steps with two 4-packs of wine coolers. She saw me and ran to me. Fell into my arms crying. She whispered I broke up with my boyfriend.  I brought her into my house. She laid in my lap. Told me how he got upset when she  spoke of me. She questioned can I stay with you? I told her yes, of course.

I brought her to my bedroom and I slowly undress her. Touched and kissed every part of her beautiful body. I laid her on the bed and kissed her sweet lips. She told me please use and abuse me. I want to feel needed and wanted. Her hunger became mine. We made love  till the morning light appears. Her hunger for the long ride and  the  dance in the turmoil of sex forced me into her wish. In the morning. I held her tightly against me. Touched her hair and beautiful face. Her blue eyes opened. She told me thank you. I told her thank you my  beautiful Jennifer.

She brought me close and asked? Am I no good because I want to be used and abuse and need passion? I kissed her forehead  and I told her we need to feel wanted and needed. It is Okay. She asked me can I come back tonight? I brought her close and whispered please come back. I need you sweet Jennifer. She pulled away and with a sad face. Asked me is Love worth the pain? I told her we do what we must do to  be happy. When I see you again I will be thankful. She began to rub her body against me. Whispered one for the road and a shower. I answered yes ma.




  Part 3       Sweet Jennifer.
25 days in paradise.

I bought her home a Red Wing champion t-shirt. Extra large so she  can wear it  for sleeping. We been together almost  almost a  month. I afraid I have learned to need Jennifer. She spoke of love in the turmoil of sex. Words to thank me for the pleasure of good act. Sometimes I wondered how I can you satisfy a  young woman? In a dream we would have children. We  would be together forever.

She cames home late. High on  some sort of drug. I disliked drugs for I lost three brother to drug abuse. I asked who gave her the drugs? She wouldn’t tell me. I was lucky. A good friend of mine was at a party where she received the drugs. He brought her home to me to keep her safe. I knew the tactics used by there men. Drug the girls and use them. She told me not to be upset. She is wild. She Kissed me  and undressed in the living room. She pulled me to the floor and demanded sex. I gave her what she wanted. But my heart and mind wanted to kill someone.

In the bedroom her hunger increased. She demands to be abuses and hurt. I do what she wanted and she fell asleep. In the morning she is shaking. She whispered I need to go to Tom’s house. I asked what did he give you? She whispered crack. I told her if you do drugs again. If you do. I cannot see you again. She said Okay. She whispered don’t  hurt Tom.

Tom was working at a local store. I waited outside for him till nightfall . I found him and beat the shit out of him. I left him with words of wisdom. If I ever see her again I would kill him. I went home. Jennifer has all her belonging pack. She met me at the door and kissed me. With tears in her blue eyes. She told me you were right. I need to be free. To Learn life. I’m sorry to be leaving you. I brought her to me. She told me I want to leave  in the morning. We made a gentle and sweet love.

I heard her crying in the night. I told her it is Okay. You made me come alive again and I will always love you. I watched her drive off. I fell to the ground. For I knew I lost an Angel. Tears fell and in time . I knew I was alone. I stay in contact with her. Jennifer did Okay. Years later I found her again. We spend more time together..I thanks her. For showing me how to feel and know I was alive.