Heal, not kill.

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”
Gautama Buddha







Heal, not kill


The world had turn blood red. Where are the voices of calm and peace? Brother killing brother in Iraq. Who do you support? Murder and slaughter doesn’t stop when a new Army appeared. Soldiers and guns don’t bring peace. They add to death and the murder. Internal conflicts must be repaired by the countries in turmoil. You can’t teach peace to people harboring hate and separation.  Blood create the need for new blood. Time for great nations to back away. Can’t save people who kill their brothers and sisters. All gods and religions is against internal bloodshed. Heal, not kill my friend. The Arabs nations must quit sending guns and weapons.  Soldiers without guns cannot fight. Hate need hate to grow.  Where are the men of peace. One life lost to war is too many. Allow the madmen of this world to have no support. No money, no guns and than no war.  Time for the world to know truce. War doesn’t care if you are a Christian or Muslim.  All nations must stop the gift of weapons and tech to madmen.

Heal, not kill are my prayers.


One child


One child is dying.

One child is homeless.

One mother is crying.

Great cities are destroyed.

Who had won?


If one child go to bed with fear, hunger and homeless in our world. Is this okay?

No.  Every child is precious.

Would you walk by a child in need? I would not. Would you?

Love my friend. Love and kindness is the only way.

Our leaders give weapons to men in Syria who had killed our men in the Iraq.

They armed murderers. Great nations must stop sending weapons to wars.

Send medicine, food and water.

We need to. Heal, not kill.




Thank you reading. Heal, not kill.  Hardest thing to do is forgive.


“Forgiveness doesn’t mean your are weak. Better to bend like the willow tree than suffer and fall like tall trees in the storm.”

Coyote/John Castellenas