Four short poems.


Short poems.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I found some short poetry from 1989. I hope you like.


I could of touched every dream. My sweet dreams went fleeting away,
when you did not love me anymore.
I didn’t know you were my fountain of hope and my muse in dreams and want.
Written in April 1989

I don’t know anything anymore.
Yesterday I knew who I was and where I needed to go.
My boldness begone and the songs of old lovers sweet voices.
Left me with emptiness and standing alone.
Written in April 1989

I don’t want to love you for a moment.
I want to embrace and cherish you everyday of my life.
I want to prosper in the dance of love and sweet kiss till our last days.
March 1989

Nothing compared to you
I was humble by your beauty. Your eloquence voice made me stop and listen.
I asked you. Where have you been kind friend, kind lover?
I was lost without you.
You embrace me and whispered. I was never gone.
You never left my thoughts and my love never faltered.
You were my first and last thoughts of each day we were apart.

Coyote/John Castellenas