The word “Freedom”


The word “Freedom” had many meanings.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words. Could have different meanings.


         The word “Freedom”
Written in 1989/rewritten in 2014

I learn the word “Freedom” can be defined in many forms.
I stood with the USA flag by good friends lost to war. The USA flag stand for freedom, equality and opportunity.
The cost of freedom is costly.  We must embrace freedom and ensure the words equality and opportunity
is alive and well in the USA.  Below is a poem I wrote 25 years ago. To maintain freedom. It demands payment.


Complete freedom is when you don’t care about nothing. Freedom can be walking alone with your eyes closed to the suffering of the world surrounding you.

Being free is being alone without dreams.

When you are completely free, having love cannot be, for love will strangle your time from being free of responsibilities and love.

Freedom of no tears, laughter and sadness mean you never held a child, you cannot see the pollution and the sick and dying children.

Yesterday I talks of freedom. Today I wished I held one sweet woman forever, had a child laughing and talking at my feet. Heard sweet words like Daddy and I love you.

But my years of freedom left me with bitterness and sedative in life. Now I wish too late for roads I cannot find. Faces I wished to see and kiss. Dear people I wished to embraced with great hugs and to tell them. I love you and I’m thankful for you.

Today I speak little of freedom. Maybe I’m too late to help the hungry child?  The wars taking young men and women just learning to live? Too late for pretty woman who drowned me in sweet love?

All I have left is to be  free.
Maybe I have wandered so far and forgiveness is not possible anymore.
I can’t forgive myself for my selfishness and greed in living.

Today I have found real freedom. Now I must learn to reach out and touch love. Scream and shout against useless wars killing and teaching our youth blood and death before love and sweet kiss.

Be the gentle hands feeding the poor. Ensuring every child had a safe home, food and education. Be someone who want the responsibility of saving the world. Not making excuses.

Today our world need the gentle caress of people working with the old and simple dreams. Dreams of peace, no hunger, men with smiles, medicine, food and water. Not bullets, guns and soldiers.

Being free is still so damn important. How can we know peace when we can’t even feed our own country.

Freedom my friend. Is costly. We have written laws to ensure fairness and equality. I like the Native American logic. One world and one people.  Parent are the teachers of the children. Teach them well my friend.
Old poetry and thoughts.  I wish the madmen in our world learn. War had no race, color or religion. Murder and killing had no preference. When wars are being fought. War will find you. Heal, not kill.

Bullets and bombs don’t discriminate. How many will fight in war to know peace?

Some old wise person wrote. War and peace cannot be spoke in the same sentence.  You can’t aim at war and seek peace.

War is man’s sin.   John Denver.

Coyote/John Castellenas
Written in 1989/rewrote in 2014

© 2014 Coyote Poetry