The damn road

















ps_2010_12_08___11_40_44The damn road

It was a cold winter day.  I awake with my blue eyes lover.

We lay together sharing sweet kisses.

Her beautiful young body pressing against me so tightly.

I can hear her heart beating.

I put my face into her flowing red hair.

I wished for this moment not to end.

I found her again.

She  broke my heart years ago.

The damn road put us back together again.

I escaped to war to lose her memory and now I’m  swimming in sweet warmth of her flesh.

She told  me I must get up.

I was driving from Michigan to California this morning.

I brought her closer and  I can hear the road calling me again.

I watch my love get  dressed.

She was as  beautiful  when we were young and our hunger to love was possible.

I see in her face. The joy in your eyes to have me with her.

So funny I also saw  the desire for me to leave.

We share a meal and many tender kisses.

I wave goodbye and I saw soft tears in her eyes as I drove away..

I should have turned back and never allowed her to leave my life.

But the damn road and my heart couldn’t take losing her again.

8 July 1992