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The city of lights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                        The city of lights

Katie looked beautiful. She was dancing to the music of the street musicians. Her eyes were a-glowed with joy and happiness. I sat on a bench near the Seinte River. The night had a chill in the air and Katie wasn’t affected. The city of Paris was lite-up. The city of lights was alive and well at the midnight hour. We had added layered of clothing to stay warm. There was a gentle breeze tonight and it was a good night to roam the ancient city.

I went to her standing near the bridge and  I told her. I needed a triple espresso or Johnnie will fall asleep. She smiled and she agreed. She gave me many long warm and sweet kisses and took my hand and we wandered back into the city. We found a cafe that served wine and coffee. We ordered two triple espressos and we sat in silence watching the night people of Paris walking the busy streets. She asked me. Would Paris be a place to live-in? Or is Paris just myth and dreams alive in heart and mind?

I told her. I have the city of lights when I have you near. You make my days and night come alive.You are my wild child in heart and spirit. You make me want to dance, sing and drink. Celebrate being alive. With you I want to be nude and free. Leave the prison of real life and be what I need to be. She smiled and asked. Do you like when you are the master?  Do you like control? Does my body make you know madness with want and need? I kissed her my Katie and I told her.

You are the fire and I’m the wood wanting to know the heat of your body near. I love when you allow me to enjoy your perfect body. You are my masterpiece. When I touch your skin and awake your body. You create a eruption of unending madness. The more I’m in your embrace.The more I need to find you. Master or slave. Your face, the softness of your skin and the hunger of us trying to quiet our want and need. You are everything to me and I’m someone when we become one. I love when I  embrace you and stay inside you till the morning light. It is like we found a sanctuary of of true and free love.

Katie drank downs the espresso and she told me.  Love is costly Johnnie. You have made great  promises. I hope you are not a speaker of false words. Tonight we are tire. Tomorrow morning we will lock the door and leave a do not disturb sign upon the door. I have brought my special negligee, toys and I will demand payment.Tonight we will roam the city and the new coming day. We will stay in the hotel room till 3pm. Johnie, the lovers prayer is simple. You make love till you cannot no-more.

Katie took my hands, kissed them and she told me. Thank you for Paris and sweet dreams.

                           Coyote/John Castellenas