You wanted Paris and I wanted you. “Night conversation”

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Night conversation
A another chapter

We walks till 3 am. We follow the walkways of the night people of Paris. Having no planned destination. Just wandering and hoping for something new and wonderful to see. In the ancient city of Paris. The beauty of the old city will steal your heart and mind with old buildings and beautiful art where-ever the eye could see. We had to take the a taxi back to the hotel. Katie sat close to me. We held silence most of the night. Her eyes and mind was swimming in the amazing scenery of the city of lights..

At the hotel. She stripped down and she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. I followed her the bathroom and I did the same. Coffee can be very  good, it can leave you with a bad taste in mouth. I stood behind her. I watched her perfect body. I told her. You are perfect. Your curves and soft skin make me thankful for you needing me. She turned around and gave me sweet kisses and held me tightly. She whispered. By you needing me, make me want to eat you alive and never allow you to leave my life.

I stripped off my clothing and  I joined Katie on the soft bed. I sat on the bed and brought her legs across my lap. I caressed her tire calves and I told her. I want to be inside you. I want to know your enter thoughts and what make you want to live. I want to hear your voice and drift into your skin, eyes and thoughts. I have lofty dreams of you with me forever. You are my Winter love, my Spring hope and my Summer joy. I want us to have 50 seasons of Fall for me to know who you are and ensure you are content. I want us to share espressos on the cold nights and drink icy drinks of Long Islands and margarita in the dead days of heat. She smiled and she questioned me. Inside me?  I told her many ways to be inside a person. I want to know if you are sad or content. I want to know if you want dance, quiet time or to make love. I want to know the landscape of your body. I want to caress your skin and know every secret place. You are my joy and energy. I dream of your kiss and embrace in sweet dreams. I awake and I’m honored having your soft and tender body holding me tightly.

Katie smiled and I saw myself in the reflection of her eyes. She told me. You are my Paris, you turn my nights to field trips into rocky and wild places. I love the way you want me to know pleasure over the need of yours to fall into quick and instant satisfaction. You are my day splendor. I love the gift of flowers and how you pay attention to my simple needs and wants. You make me feel important and needed. You look at me with love. I love when you caress my skin and whisper sweet nothings. You are my sweet dream too Johnnie.

I brought her feet up. Kissed her knees and caressed her her stomach and breasts. I told her. We must find sleep or we will waste Paris tomorrow. Her eyes were shining and she told me. Thank you for Paris and sweet dreams. I  held her legs tightly against me and told her. You wanted Paris and I wanted you.  You have became a sweet dream to a once dying man.

            Coyote?John Castellenas