Part one new story. “Words of a insane man.”

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Break me

Please break me. Make me bleed. Show me I’m alive. Make me die and bring me back to life. Dead men revived know life  can be okay.

Drink of my skin and eat of my flesh and make me scream. I want to become lost in you. I have accepted the bad ending. Fairytale ending are for children.

Wear the black dress and nothing else. I want the purple black scarfs upon your wrists. I want you sing in sweet whispers. I want nothing Johnnie and I want everything. Be mind alone. Dark night allowed sober kisses and wild dance to expand to places. Places for the ghosts to love and kiss.

In the purgatory of life. We need to beg for things we should not have. I want you. You are my madness. Hold me tight and tell me sweet lies. Tonight I won’t die. I want to live in your kiss and embrace.

Liar kiss and embrace is still a kiss and skin against hot skin.

Please break me down. Make me beg at your feet. Allow the monster to become gentle. Blue eyes looked at me and whispered. Love cost too much. We can’t afford the payment.

                                 Coyote/John Castellenas





© 2014 Coyote Poetry