Words of a insane man “Broken promises”





Words of a insane man “Broken promises”

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part three. It is sad memories can become dirty with time, than become sweet with time apart and distance.



                                 Broken promises

We went to not chartered territory. Unbounded places where regret is forgotten. Where pleading, screaming and begging is accepted. You were a storm. Overtaking  my body and mind. The allure of young and perfect legs, breasts and beautiful face doomed me forever to seek the place of no return.

I remember you sitting in your black short dress, long legs spread wide open and tender feet moving in anticipation. You were blindfolded and awaiting for me to act. I didn’t know.  I would love you for the first time and we had no place to fall except to disappointment.

On my knee. I remember. Worshiping the softness of tender skin and tasting the saltiness of sweet feet to perfect breast and sweet lips. You told me. You are mine forever. Your home is with me.

You wore your black dress and painted your nail black. You held the whiskey tightly. You asked me why was I here? Did I come to laugh at me? I told her. I was sorry for her loss. No-one should die young. I filled  her cup with whiskey and wrapped my arms around me.

She kissed me. I accepted the kiss and I told her. We had too many broken promises. I knew you wanted too much, too late. I was foolish. Young woman undress slowly for desperate men. Desperate men want everything. Even things that can’t be owned.  I have forgave you. I have learn. Just give enough.

She asked what do I do now? I told her. We have ashes of memories, cigarettes and the taste of whiskey. I held her for three days. She wanted more. I gave her only my embrace of safety. I have danced with the Devil once. I knew better than to dance with the devil wisps twice.

I left her for the last time. I remembered the broken promises and I remembered the nights of loving. The funny part. A tear fell. It fell for the innocent that was in the lost and found forever.

                               Coyote/John Castellenas