Words of a insane man part two. “love showed me madness”

Love  showed me madness

I remember you. We feasts on the need of the body once. We didn’t care about tomorrow. Dead night held us tight and safe. We try to grind our bodies into one piece. We bleed and die many times in the cold of the Winter night.

I use to pray for someone like you. Sometime crazy and free. Someone too wild to be held. I found you walking alone. You told me . I will be second best. I want your nights and you inside me. I don’t want heaven and  I’m swimming in shit and need to be wanted. I want us to paint the cold night with sweat, demands of flesh and you demanding and needing more. Love is cool, but is built on quicksand. If you want just enough. You won’t cry and die in love forever.

She wore lace of red upon her slender and tender body. Eyes of blue demanding attention, laying upon her bed of thick blanket and soft pillow. She whispered. Johnnie, we can kiss and part. If you take too much and you want too much. You will know great payment. Love is just a loan. Can’t be controlled or subdued. Come to me. We shall dance and find temporary peace. If you want  everything. You will fall off the cliffs of disappointment.

I did learn what the great writers had taught. You can be killed off with kisses.

                                     Coyote/John Castellenas