We may forgive, but we can’t forget. “Broken promises and forgotten places.”







Broken promises and forgotten places

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A wise man accept responsibility for his actions.



                                    Broken promises and lost places

I remembered we had dreams of being barefoot in wildflowers fields and love was to be forever.
I could sit and gaze at you for hours. Watch you plant  your herbal garden.
I loved seeing the pride in your eyes when life was born out of dirt and hard work.

We would lay nude on our soft bed surrounded by thick blankets till late afternoons on Saturday and Sunday.
We tried to keep the world at  bay.
You told me I was your savior and you were my princess.

I would write poetry and story by the small lake. You would study and peek at my words.
I remember your questions. “Johnnie, what are the paradox of being alive. Are we just wasting air and time?”

I loved watching your eyes. Your beautiful blue eyes hunger and searched for knowledge and life. Your heart and mind was soaring and free. I was just hanging on to you and adoring your beautiful face and blessed to
be near a divine and hopeful spirit.

I was cold and heartless when you came into my life. I didn’t know love could be sweet. Woman could be gentle and kind. We had the strong wine of youth where life was uncertain and age was our disadvantage. We made love like it was our first and last time. You knew the serene emotion of love wasn’t permanent. Time was short for two people with too many dreams and the sea separating them.

We parted on a cold December day. You were reaching for the stars and I was just trying to hold on.
Words can become useless, promises can become forgotten. The scars of love are written on the walls of our heart forever.

Broken promises and forgotten places become beautiful corridors in old age.
The phantoms of faces, words and turbulent times.
Can make the midnight hour of life more cheerful and complete.
Because we had loved and tested life often.

                                      Coyote/John Castellenas