Beautiful American


“When is enough is enough? A eye for a eye world will leave nothing but bloodshed and war for our children.”


“Killing Muslims in Asia and Africa. Killing Christians in Asia and Africa. Blood demanding more blood. This is a sad world when we need life shields against hate and murder. Murder is murder.”


“I prayed to God and Jesus for peace. I prayed to Allah for peace. I prayed to Buddha for calm and peace. I  pray we learn we learn one planet and one people. Lord of life and death. I don’t understand. They shot a little girl for wanting education. Murdered villages in Asia and Africa because they did not have the same belief. Brother killer brother in the Muslim world. I pray we learn. We are just flesh and blood. We came from the earth and we will return. Please Lord of life and death. Allow all the children in our world to sleep in a safe place and have a full stomach.  Please have war to become just myth and tale of foolish men.”


“No-one celebrate a funeral. Dead men are dead men. Woman and children ran over by war are just forgotten and left to die away from their homes. Who wins in war? Brothers and sisters. No-one does. One life lost to war is too many. How many miss-placed people today. A unknown number. Who is crying for the old people, women and children. Everyone should. People who believe war is far away from them.  They are wrong. When wars are being fought. They will come to your front door my brothers and sisters.”







imagercor4For a hero

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When you give your life for another. These people are the Angels waiting in heaven.




          Beautiful American

        (For Rachel Corrie. A human shield protecting woman and children.) 

Just a woman.
She gave her heart to people far from her home.
Stood in front of guns and machines to save lives.
Protecting innocent people from.
The War machine in the hidden parts of the world from the world’s eye sight.
She stood in front of a building.
Was crushed and die by Israel machinery.
Her life was lost for woman/men.
Who call her the Beautiful American..

                ( Need to go to her site. Rachel  Corrie.
                People like her are the real Angels in a life.
                They died for peace.)


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