Must know many dances to know love. “Lovers and losers”








Lovers and losers

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When love comes at the wrong time. Someone must lose.



                                   Lovers and losers

She told me. “I will cry for you. I would die for you. I will do anything to make you feel safe and loved. Please stay with me. The lonesome road isn’t kind. Stay with me and we will overcome your fear and disappointment.”
I whispered sweet Laura. You wasted your tears upon a greedy man. I told you no stories. I never could love you forever. I have a Gypsy soul and wandering heart.

I held her soft body near. I smelled the sweet scent of her perfume. Her tears had turn to silence. I saw the sadness in her eyes. I had no words to steal her pain away.

She asked me to stay till I had to depart for Texas. I whispered to her. “You can’t lockup a wild animal. He will slowly die than what will be left?” I kiss her forehead, cheek and lips and told her. “I will stay with you till the end.”

I watched her from a distance. More soft tears washed down her tender cheeks. I get up and kiss the salty tears away. I yearned to stay and wished to escape to the highway in the same second.

I was leaving in the morning. I was a Soldier. I went to where I was told. I wanted to sneak away in the morning before she realized I was gone. Laura awoke early and she held me tightly. I saw in her eyes the struggle between hate and love. I didn’t want to look into her eyes. I knew when I did. I would tell her I had loved her since the first time I looked in her eyes. I heard her gentle and sweet voice .

I laid in her lap. She caressed my hair and face. She smiled and told me. “I know you would stay this night. I know I must finish college and you must fight your useless wars. I will pray for your safety. I won’t wait for you. I know love isn’t fair. Distance make the heart yearn for things we do not need..”

I told my kind lover. “Winner and losers in love. Even the beast must rest one day. Freedom is a thousand journeys with a lonely ending. Wise men hold on to the sweet taste of love. “

I left Laura in the early morning. I saw her tears as I rode away. I knew already. People who hold tight to love.
Know joy and peace forever. Beautiful Laura was a lover. She led with her heart. Foolish men leave waste and sadness till they reach a dead-end. A lot of losers in lonely taverns remembering faces and chance you can’t return back to.

                                      Written in 1994/Rewritten in 2014