Dark Interludes part two




Me and Daniela in the good days.


Dear Brigitte. Kind and sweet German woman.


Dark Interludes part two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part two of my new story.



                                 Dark Interludes

       My time was getting short in Germany. I was glad to escape her. She taught me a lot. I was smarter, not wiser. I received another letter from Julie.

                                 Dear Johnnie

I have received your letter and you made me very happy. I was glad you answered so quickly. I was embarrassed after sending the first letter to you. I thought I overstepped too many places and options. I was glad you responses with the return of love and care. I love you Johnnie. I can’t wait to see you in July. You are always on my mind now. I carry your letter with me always. This Summer during the break. I hope you can live with me. I have a small apartment in Ann Arbor and I will be working at the University Michigan Hospital.  I don’t know your plans. Please tell me what you need. I love you, I love you Johnnie.
                             Love and kisses
I wrote her back.
                                My Julie

I can’t wait to see you. You have given me reasons to be alive. You have been in my dreams since I received your letter. I do love you. I have always have. I remembering having a crush on you since ninth grade. You were always so smart and beautiful. You loved my poetry and I loved your words also. I want us to have long talks and walks like the good days. I dream of your soft brown eyes and long brown hair against me. I can’t wait till I can meet you again in Ann Arbor. I have saved enough money to survive the Summer. This will be our Summer. All my love to you my beautiful Julie.
                               Love Johnnie

I had many farewells to do. I had befriended many good people.  I had lived for one year with two German girls. We were still friends because of similar friendship. Brigitte had came to be often to rebirth and savage us. I told her. You were a sweet love once. You deserve more than me. The parable of love is simple. You can’t return to the place you were. The gift and treasure of love peaks, than falls to disappointment. Old affection cannot be rebirth.

I went to say goodbye to my real first love. Daniela taught me what love and passion could be, than left me for I wasn’t prepared for a woman who wanted everything. I went to her apartment and she came out screaming and crying. She asked me. Did you come to laugh at me? He died in California and she fell into my arms crying.  She raised her face and asked me. Did you come to pity me, feel sorry for me? I told her. I didn’t know. I don’t want no-one to die. I asked her. What do you need? She told me she needed cigarettes and whiskey. I went to the Army base and I bought the cigarettes and the whiskey. I went back to her with a consumed  heart. I knew no words to calm her sadness. I had no love left for her. She left me for dead once. She wanted the wild side. Drugs, party and sex. I was a Soldier who followed rules and the regulations.

I stayed three days with her. We listen to Leonard Cohen and Elvis Presley. I held her like a small child.  I caressed her hair and face as she cried herself to sleep nightly. I held mainly silence. We had little to say to each other. The whiskey gave her peace and I had no kind words of hope  to give to her. I knew better to swim in sadness. Mourning is necessary. The heart must learn to understand. She asked me. Why was I kind to her? I broke your heart once. I told her. Life and love is fair. Something cannot be repaired. You were my joy and life once. You taught me burning and uncontrolled love lead to the altar of consume and demand. Where love will rise to temperatures hotter then the Summer sun burning heat. Love had no chance for we where young and fearless. We had no place to go except disappointment. I blame myself more than you. I wasn’t able to bend and flex to keep the love alive.

She smiled at me and she asked. Do you want to join me in the bed. Maybe find some kind of peace? I went to her and held her. I told her. You can’t snake charm a fool twice. No-more can I get shipwrecked in your warm flesh. We had our last grasp of love two year ago. I’m here for you and we are friends now. I’m here to keep you safe and sound. She laid her head in my lap and she fell asleep. I left her stronger than I found her. I knew mourning for love is forever, never forgotten. 

At my going away party. Two ex-girlfriends and many friends. I told them. Thank you for the friendship and good times.  I received the third and final letter from Julie.

                                  Dear Johnnie

Time had gone very quickly. I have been dreaming about us too. I’m so excited to be able to see you soon. You are always on my mind. I’m glad school is done. I love our new apartment. I will give you the address. We are near the forest and the river. We can take long walks and have many conversations. Many coffee shops for us to drink coffee and write. The apartment had a small porch. We can watch the sun rise and fall together. I love you Johnnie. I want us to forget the past and begin fresh and anew. I want us to enjoy the Summer together and do some traveling. I want us to swim in the nearby lakes and see the West Virginia mountains like you promised me year ago. I want us to be free and open to the emotion of love. I love and need you. Please call me as soon as you land at Metro. I will be waiting for your call.
                          Love and kisses

                           Coyote/John Castellenas




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