Sirens can be muses too. “My Siren”














My Siren

  The cold days of winter leave me longing and yearning for the hot days of summer.
  The winter days bring back the memory of our closure of our time together back to my bleeding heart.
  I been treading in the corridor of agony and bounded to want the elixir of your sweet kiss.
  In hallucinated dreams caused by too much tequila. I’m at your balcony. You come to me in your cotton white nightgown and seduced my soul  and mind with  your beautiful blue eyes. You drop your nightgown and show me your perfect body and open your arms bringing  me into your warm bed.  You put me under your sweet spell.
  Tantalizing long and passionate kisses lead us to the hunger and  into  the bliss of love.
  The twilight bring lovers entrenched in the fortune of youth and the hunger to dance in the sweet rendezvous of lust and passion.
  My surreal dream fall apart when the night fade into daybreak.  The trance of the tequila wear down and the promise of a Siren who titillated my life fades away to keepsakes and sweet memories savor in the manifest dreams of a old man.
  I sit by the sea and wait for the sun to rise. I feel the cold of Pacific ocean at my feet.
  The corridors of doors left behind crumble with time.
  Age taught me to hold my lover tighter. To serenade my lover with sweet music of thankfulness. To smooth lovers with  words of love and passion.
  The beautiful woman we hold and sacrifice our soul for. Are the memories that will pacify our heart when the cold of winter comes.
                     January 19, 1989