Powerful words and thoughts. Israel must stop the bombing.



Sweet smelling home with Ambi pur.
Sweetly taken care of me with Body Mist. Soft skin.
How many coca colas do I have left? I should get some for the kids.
Little Amal wants Danone too and some fanta to drink.

No home. They’ve bombed it. Where will my children sleep tonight?
My leg is bruised. My feet are cracked. My poor husband is gone.
I’m thirsty. The mouths of my children are dry.
We’ve been suffering for too long.

I’m out of shampoo. Perhaps my friend might be right. I should try Garnier.
I’ll drop by the cosmetics store. They should have a new stock of L’Oreal or Maybeline.
Can’t go now. The kids are home. They’ll want some Kit Kat. They always do.
National geographic? Fox? What are they watching?

Dust everywhere. Oh. God give me strength.
No food, no water. Why do they make us live like…

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