Short poem and quotes



















Short poem and quotes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words



 “Words not spoken leave us with wishes of better goodbyes and more hello’s.”

“Things lost in time leave us wanting things we cannot have again.”

“Last words, first words. Words are delicate flowers. They can grow and expand. Use them well.”

“Easy doesn’t mean good. Good things come to us if we work hard and we have  meaningful goals.”

“God is easy to be found. Hold a baby feet and see in their eyes.  Their eyes can take you to God.”

“Lead with love and kindness. Kind words and actions leave doors of love to stay open forever.”

Real lovers know.
Dance, drink and love often.
Love is many dances, a lot of laughter.
Love must be flexible and free like branches in the tree.
Love is given freely and can fade away when we do not tend to the love,
ensure she is caressed and treated with tenderness and care.
                    Coyote/John Castellenas

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