We must for fight what is fair and right. “The gospel told by a common man”


The Gospel told by a common man

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


World is going crazy. USA need to reset our goals.


                      The Gospel told by a common man
Men with wife and children.
Fugitive to the ability to succeed.With the grain of hope.
We beckon for a trace of kindness.

Poverty inflicts all with equality.
Race and religion mean nothing.
When you are hungry and homeless.

Frigid and endangered economy.

Erode hopes and dreams.

Held hostage by Leaders in Washington.

Common man and woman forsaken.
Left on the sideline hoping and praying.

Humph and fuck by loan companies.
Soon Americans will become nomads.

Wars expedite hiding the flames of truth.
Shameless leaders beleaguer us with stories
of Devils and ghosts.

Soon we will will be isolated and lobotomy.
Be like tame relics in a museum.

Need to remove our restrains.
Start the saga of forth-right people.

Stop the epidemic of lies.
Chastise the thieves and so-call leaders.

We must lust for a good world.
Jump over hurdles of hate and violence.
Began a eulogy of a human race who wants
the truth.

We need men with mercy and wisdom.
The erosion of the USA must stop.

Men/Woman with blind eyes to the poor and sick.
Lover’s of War.

Their filthy and bloody dreams must died.

We need the human race who pass out food and

Not gun and death.

We must elect honest men/woman who won’t
change their vote after they are elected.

For the children. All children.

Need to put the guns down.

End the violence.

Don’t need tears of USA, Africa and Asia Mother’s.

For sons and daughter killed and slaughtered for
the so-call good will of Evil men/woman.

10 May 2009

© 2010 Coyote Poetry