The final act



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The final act

She whispered. I need you. I don’t need you.
You used to run home to be. Undress me at the door.
I loved how you loved my silk stockings. I wore especially for you.
You were so content to roll the silk stockings off my legs slowly.
You were digesting my skin making me wanted and needed.
You were my wild man with a unlimited appetite for my skin, kiss and embrace.

Today intimate moments are quick and not polite.
You are finding more fulfillment in the worldly goals.
You have forgot me. You have left me behind.

I want us to be Winter lovers again. You holding me tightly throughout
the long and cold night. Not allowing anyone or anything to separate us.
Now all I have is fragment of pretending we need each other.

Bittersweet love leave us weary and shattered.
I learn love is a four act play.
The first act is wild passion, lust and great need.
The second act is planning lovemaking and organized life.
Less time together.
The third act is the walls falling down. Two people forgetting what made them one,  once.
The final act is lonely nights and create permanent separation that cannot be repaired.
The shadow of love will become ghostly memories as two people separate without no
chance of bridges that can be repaired.

Can love be saved?
I don’t believe it can.
Woman’s heart hold on tightly to glimpses of hope and when the final act appear.
It is done.

                             Coyote/John Castellen