Dark Interludes (Ann Arbor)






Dark Interludes (Ann Arbor)

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new chapter.



                                 Dark Interludes     (Ann Arbor)

last letter. June 1980

Dear Julie

I received your letter. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Ann Arbor. I can’t wait to begin our new life together. I know we are older and we have changed since leaving our homes. I hope I’m good enough for you. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful girl I ever knew. I remember yearning to see you and hearing your voice when we were kids. You have become more beautiful and so smart. I will be home on July 3rd. I will call you from the airport. I love you my Julie. Thank you for being so kind to me.
  All my love

I sat at my base at Panzer Kaserne and I was waiting for the bus to Frankfort. I had drank all night and I was barely awake after I said final goodbyes to my many good friends. I knew I would miss them. They were my family here in Germany.The bus ride to Frankfort was very long.  We stopped at every base between Stuttgart and the Frankfort airport. I knew I would miss Europe. I saw 20 countries and I learn a lot in my three years being stationed in Germany. The airport was easy. I owned nothing. I had my clothing on my back and a few gifts and two duffel bags. My flights was from Frankfort to the Philadelphia airport was long. The Army had a bus waiting for us Soldiers. The bus took us to the final briefing. It was funny. The Army was recruited us to the last minute.
They offered bonus and choice of duty. I said no. I started my Army career at Fort Dix, New Jersey and ended it there.  They gave us a plane ticket and our final pay. I was glad to leave Fort Dix.  My time in the Army was done.

I arrived at the Philadelphia airport and I was already planning my life with Julie. I was trying to organize my thoughts and trying to figure out what I will say to her when I saw her. I have learned love is fair. Bad karma will come back to you in three-folds for your bad actions in love and life. I called Julie from the airport and I told her. I will be in Ann Arbor around 10 pm. I can’t wait to see you. She was happy and told me. I’m waiting baby. We will be okay. I will see you very soon.

I sat at the airport bar. I drank with other soldiers and business people waiting for planes. The world I left had changed and improved. I joined the Army in 1976. USA was in a deep depression. President Carter was trying to improve the USA with no success. I had no option but to join the Army. Was no jobs or opportunities. USA had improved. President Reagan had create instant growth and better economy. He made the country come alive and moving forward again. The business men told me. I would do fine. You are young and strong, military background. You have the tools for great things. I thanks them and I went to the final plane to Metro Detroit airport.

The flight to Detroit was quick. The plane landed and I got my duffel bags. I found a Taxi and asked how much to Ann Arbor? He told me $40 plus tip. I told him, okay.

It was a 1/2 hour ride to Ann Arbor. Darkness was coming quickly. The taxi took me to the cascade apartments. I paid the money and I thanks the driver. He saluted me and he told me. You are going to be okay son. Have some fun and enjoy the company of the pretty girl. He was a good man. He had survived Vietnam and his last words to me were. Forget the military. Life is hard enough.

I knocked at the apartment door. She opened the door. She was wearing a Summer dress and her skin was tanned golden brown. The Summer dress allowed me to see soft shoulders and perfect legs. I said hello. She fell into my arms and kissed my face and lips. I held her for many seconds. She gave me a long kiss and told me. Welcome home.

                            Coyote/John Castellenas




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