What is happening to Mother India?

What is happening to mother India?

A Poem by Avanthika

When the whole world prays for gaza, am afraid they are unable to look at themselves. Before we point our fingers on our neighbouring nation, let’s have a look on our country.


                                                     What is happening to mother India?

                                                     It is becoming a ferocious encyclopedia.

A girl getting raped,

And the man gets escaped.

The whole seen obtaining videotaped,

with the case taking reshaped.

                                                      The poor becomes the poorer

                                                      And the rich becomes the richer.

                                                     Once who sacrificed their lives for amity,

                                                      are now taking the life for enmity.


People sitting in front of TV, cheering favorite team,

soldiers battling hard, to attain everyone’s dream.

One man one religion,

has divided every region.

                                                    What is happening to mother India,

                                                   It has become a ferocious encyclopedia.


 Pray for Gaza, Pray for India


 ( Avanthika is a Writer cafe Poet and writer. We need poetry that pray for peace and calm.)