Last person standing


Last person standing

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Not a happy prose poem. A poem to create logic and question my friend.


                               Last person standing

I had a bad dream. A realistic dream.
I was the last person standing.
No-one won the final battle. Nuclear weapons departed from every continent.
The lucky people died instantly. Us left had to make the decision. The pills or die badly.

Like in the story “On the beach” by Nevil Shute. A few places lived though the dropping of the nuclear
weapons. The un-lucky few out of the 40 mile kill zones waiting for death. A deadly illness came to you.
Slowly tearing your inside out and the bad death. The surviving leaders decided to give the option beside
a shot-gun or pistol. They offered the pills. On the box.

Recommend to take when the pain is too strong. Recommend take the pills when you have physical strength still. God bless the USA, God bless the people left.   Signed Medical county executive.

No-one had won. The Jews scream and cries to the end. The chosen people died first, than the nuclear weapons left France, the USA and Russia. Then India led the rest of the world. The Middle East was done quickly. Israel shot weapons at friend and enemies. No-one knows why? Mass confusion left the world in chaos. Few places were not touched. After the nuclear weapons killed off the great cities. The complete world went to silence.

The people left asked questions. There were no leader left to questions. I sat alone with pills in hand. I have been doing the rosemary tea and taking the vitamins for days now. I went to the un-locked CVS and took what I thought would extend my life. My family took the pills and laid in a final sleep in the back bedroom. I put friends and neighbors to their beds. The smell of death was in the air and  I was left to write the final words.

The final words

No-one had won the final battle. I wonder if the few acres of land and oil was worth the death of mankind?
The Jews stood their ground. Now just like all races. Back to earth our rotting body will go. The Arab world hope their oil and God would save them. God, Buddha or Allah did not save anyone. The human race create a way for mass killing. Odd part was. All these countries with nuclear, bio and chemical warfare and no-one would believe some fool would start the final war. The media went dead a month ago. The first attack led a fury of nuclear weapons to be shot to all continents. Rumors had it. Places like France and Israel had systems in place. Went to automatic release of the weapons. Most of us who survived believed the world went mad. Nuclear and Bio weapons kill without care for race, color or religion. Rich men and poor men died.  I wonder do the Jews believe they won? I wonder do the Arabic countries believe they won some kind of victory? The scary part is. The great powers. Russia, USA, Great Britain, France and India shot at ghosts and murdered the world.

Where I stand. Nature is still okay. Us human were affected by the radiation and the poison in the air. At first we thought the final survivors. We could rebuilt the world and make it better. We gathered and had great dreams. We gather together create small villages of people. We tested the food. It was still okay. Some people, mainly ex-military lived even being in the 40 mile kill zone. I was a Soldier once. I knew nuclear weapon have three kill zones. The first 40 miles is instant. The second 40 mile was slow and bad death and the next 40 mile is slower and more painful death. I did not tell them, the survivors. I did find someone in the medical field who was left. He understand and he decided to make the pill a option. The pills were not offered till the people got sick. It was a bad sickness. First stomach pain, than the body weaken and the mind became confused. I have given the pills to many. I would lay them in their bed. Hold their hand and try to make them laugh. The last people died not with tears. We knew it was too late for tears. My last family member I laid down was my daughter in her old room.  We cried together and prayed. I wanted death then, but I was the last level headed left. Many people were still left. Many were just children who needed my help and guidance.

Today I’m alone. I drove my car 100 miles in four directions. I saw no movement of any life. I did see some damaged on the outskirts of Detroit. Detroit was took out first with all the major cities.  I listen to my radio and there is only silence. The sickness I could feel now. I knew I couldn’t explore and see if anyone had survived. I had the pills in my pocket and I knew. I had a few days left. I went home and said goodbye to my resting family. They died without knowing too much pain. The pills was fair. Took you to a restful and final sleep gently.  I decided to go to my ancestor’s place to die. I would drive to Holden, Michigan and go to the Lake Superior. I would pray, burn some sage and die with the great forest near. I arrived barely. My back and legs were gone. I drove my truck deep into the Ojibwa forest. I slowly walked to the Lake Superior. I sat near the water and tossed the cold water on my face. It awoke me completely for a second. I lite the sage and did a whispered prayers.

“God of life and death, God of the great forest and water. Forgive us for what we done. Man reached his goals. He killed off what is beautiful and sacred. Please take me to my Grandmother, Grandfather, father, wife and children at the big Pow wow. For us who loved the land and the children, please accept a tire man a place to rest.”

I placed my Circle of life near me. I put my dream catcher on my neck and asked the trees and the sky. Why did hate and greed control the world? Who won? There is no Israel, no Middle East. The land of Africa, the America and Europe is silence now. I hope the men who wanted war over peace have a place to feel the heat of their hate and violence. I meditate and find faces of laughing grandchildren. I put the pills into my mouth. I feel the drugs slowly making me rest and know peace. I loved the view of the Lake Superior. Funny, I swear I hear my Grandchildren yelling to me. Over here Grandpa. We have been waiting for you. I touch the nearby tree and fall into my final sleep.


This is fiction. The book of Nevil Shute wrote of a different world and weapon. Our new weapons, bio and nuclear can do more damaged than the time of Nevil. This was a dream. If we don’t get along. Whole world will know his bad dream. Israel, Arab world and everywhere must stop the violence. One foolish country can do us all end. This is one planet and one people. I believe we all need to be scared. Want scary. Read the policy of nuclear weapons of France and the USA. Heal, not kill. Pray and demand peace for the children. All children.

Coyote/John Castellenas


© 2014 Coyote Poetry