She wanted Paris and I wanted her

She wanted Paris and I wanted her

“Then shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naken body, and thy balmy lips. Bathe me in juices of kisses, whose perfume like a religious incense shall comsume”
Thomas Carew

I held her close in the warm bubbly water. Katie was in a deep meditation. I watched her and she opened her eyes slowly. She asked me. Where do we go from here? Will I make you content tomorrow, next week or next year?  Am I enough to keep safe and sound? I kissed her neck and her face and I told her. We can go as far as you want. You are my wall of safety in the wild and crazy world. You are my place to rest. I can be weak and strong with you. I want to be the same for you. You are my only sweetness and kindness I know. I yearn to see you as soon as I close the door and leave for work. I want to hold you again. My goal is to make you know you are my joy and my happiness.

She touched my lips with her fingers and she told me. Word mean little honey. I need solid evident. You must carry me to the silk sheets and make me beg for mercy. You must show me I’m everything to you. I’m your world and only pleasure.

I kissed my sweet Katie. I lifted her out of the bathtub. I slowly dried her with a large towel from beautiful feet  to hair gently. I caressed and kissed  her soft skin and enjoyed the view of her perfect body. I caressed the curves of her womanly body with gentle touch and appreciation. I dried myself off and I picked her up. I pick her up and I carry her to the bed. I gently release her to the sot bed and we fell together upon the bed. She gave me many tender sweet kisses and she whispered.  Thank you for Paris my love.

Coyote/John Castellenas