The gathering










Good friend lost to war with his two girls and my daughter



The gathering

(Combination of a poem written in 1992 and today. Nothing had changed. Got worst.)


Who is right? Who is wrong?

Who will pay the price for hate and war?  Who will pay the price for the foolishness of murder and violence?

The children are gathering, a generation left with a heavy burden of debt and hate.

A generation with questions of who they are? What is left for me?

The future had become scary. Kids know what we left them.

I despised the world my Father had left me. He left me Vietnam and no job or future.

I didn’t do no better.

Children rarely speak of peace and great dreams. Born into a world in war and chaos.

Raised with on going wars. They had accept war as a norm. I did. I thought all men needed to know war.

I was wrong.

Our world on a fast track to self-suicide. Men want to destroy the land, sea and sky cannot be stopped.

The Earth is dying and human life been de-valued. Wars are never stopping.

I sat with Generals once. Soldiers are just tools for them. No faces or names. Just equipment and gear to

fight and extend war.

No-one is right or wrong in war my friend. War is based on profit and gain. Who wins in war?

Big business, religion and oil/land?

What did we leave for the kids?

Their eyes hopeful and strong. Can they see above the bloodshed and hate?

I like the young children. They don’t see race, color or religion. They want a new friend to play at the park with.

We teach our children not to fight. Drugs and alcohol will kill their dreams and hope. Go to school and accomplish great things.

Then we allow the factories to pour waste and chemical into our water and air. Great forest had disappeared. Many animals are extinct forever.


Don’t worry my friend. The children know what we done and left. They will gather one day. Pray for us. For we have allow false leaders to turn our world blood red with hate and violence.  Wise elders will stand with their children and grandchildren.  Demand the end to separation and war. This is one planet and one people. Children are the wealth of a nation. We must teach them well. We must learn too. We can’t allow hate to run our world.

For the sake of the children. Their loving eyes looking for wisdom and chance. We must learn. Heal, not kill.  Peace and calm are the good words needed.




Thank you for reading.

John Castellenas