Dear Amie


Dear Amie

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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Dear Amie
(Denying love rewards leave you with great reward) Sweet words once whispered by a ancient Poet.
Dear Amie.
Sweet and kind Poet. All of us hold madness, anger and regret.
The lover who never gave up, the dreamer who never forgot his dreams and goals and the tender hearts that can find softness and tenderness in the mist of confusion and regret. They will know real peace. They will know utopia of happy heart and good life.I love your words. They capture me and the alluring photos make me a captive reader. Words, sweet words can make us love, hate, laugh and cry. Make us re-learn that we must know forgiveness and to remember the beautiful faces, the gentle smiles received and the long slow dances.

“Poetry is the honey of all flowers, the quintessence of all sciences, the marrow of wit and the very phrase of angels.)   Thomas Nashe

Writers must know defeat and victories. They must test life and have many midnight dances. Nothing as holy as the sweet kiss by the full moon on a warm summer night. Holding embrace till noon on a Sunday morning. No sweeter place like, when we enter into the doors of real love. Surrendering without fear of the possible fall.

Dear Amie. We must lead with kindness and love. If we fear the ending before we begin. Why do we live? Lovers love. Dreamers dream. Writers write.  If we don’t try. We won’t know tear of joy and sadness.

Thank you beautiful Poet for words.
Coyote/John  Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry

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