Dark Interludes “Home” New chapter

Dark Interludes “Home”

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Another chapter. I hope you enjoy.



Julie brought me into the small apartment. It was lightly furnished and had a small kitchen. It was enough for two people just beginning. I liked the location. It was near the parks and trees were everywhere. She forced me into the small couch and went to the kitchen and brought me a coke. She gave me the coke and sat close to me. She wrapped her arms around me and put her tan legs across my body.  She was looking at my face like she could not believe I was with her. We sat in silence. It was a good silence. The moment felt like a sweet dream. I lost my sadness and disappointment looking at her  soft brown eyes and her embrace.

I held her tightly and I told her. Thank you sweet Julie for you, for needing me. I needed someone to need me. She looked at me with her kind brown eyes melting my wall of defense away and she whispered. It is okay Johnnie. I know you. You have big dreams and heart. I will be here for you if you need me. I caressed her tan and tone legs. I told her. We can go slow and easy dear Julie. We have time and I want to know you. Your dreams and hope. I want us to have some fun in Ann Arbor and learn what we can be.  She smiled and kissed me. Asked me. Are you hungry? I can order pizza. I told her pizza would be perfect. I asked her what was her work schedule? She told me. Today is day one of three days off. I work three days and get three days off.Tomorrow we will roam Ann Arbor. I want us to rent  a boat. We will buy some good wine and talk all day. I hugged her and I told her. It sound like a perfect day.

She got up and turned on the radio. She played some soft rock and she ordered the pizza. She sat close to me and soft tears begin to fall. I asked her. Why are you crying my darling? She told me because You are with me finally and you are okay. I didn’t believe you would come to me. I brought her close and I gave her many kisses and I held her. I whispered to her. I’m very happy to be with you my Julie. I have loved you since we were babies six years ago.I remembered how you loved my poetry. You listens to my crazy talk. I have a poem for you.

The brown eyes girl

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Some woman make you wish you were young and free again. They bring to life the desire for you to want to be wild and crazy in the dance of love.

                                   The brown eyes girl

I fell in love with the brown eyes girl.
Her lips of sweet honey and smile that can light up my day.

She dances with the children.
Making me jealous of her gentle embraces of love for her babies.

She pay no attention to me.
I’m just a admirer of her beauty.

I watch her movement and she give me gifts of a sweet smile and a  hello as
she chases the child about.
I wish to know the brown eyes girl.

I know life isn’t fair.
Beautiful young girls are distance dreams.

Lucky observers can make wishes and hold dreams.
Beautiful brown eyes girls are just sweet dreams to a old man heart.

My true love

The feeling of joy is you. I have been submerge in your sweet kiss and tender embrace. You taught me the fruit of love was colorful and worthwhile.

The touch of your slender fingers and your loving eyes had cause my dreams and hope to become free and wild like the untamed sea.

I have swam in the confined of your eyes. Ascending to new places and un-fore told  places where I dream of long nights and laying in our bed, blocking out the lights of the new day holding you tightly.

I know I’m the fortunate one. I put my hands through your auburn hair and I tell you.

You are my last love and my only true love. You have brought into the madness of love and forever I will fall adrift in your memory. Forever remembering the first kiss and last sweet kiss.
Julie had tears rolling down her face and  I kissed her tears away. She told me. I’m still a virgin. Will this be a inconvenience for you? I know you have lived three years in Europe. I kissed her and told her. Sex is good, but love is better. We can decide our next step and place with time. I love this part of you. You taught me love is long walks and sweet kisses. Holding each other tightly all night without the demands. Sex changes everything. Better to swim in love and fast in things that may come with time. The final destination is true and the real paradise of love. Love denied can be love kept alive my beautiful Julie.

The pizza came and we ate the pizza sitting on the floor. She was more beautiful than I remembered. Her long brown hair and slim body made me feel weak and not enough.  Her sweet voice calmed me and made me feel safe and warm. The Army added 40 pounds of weight on my slim body. I went from 120 pounds to 16o pounds.

She took my arm after we ate. She took me to the small bedroom. I sat on the bed. I watched her drop her sundress. She was bra-less. I stripped down to my boxers and I told her. She was the most beautiful woman  I have ever seen. She came to me and wrapped her arms around me. I knew she was scared. I felt her nervousness as her warm skin made me feel secure and loved. I released her. I kissed her hands and her stomach. I looked up at her and told her. You are my only sweet dream I have.

She kissed me and we fell into the bed together. I held her close and we talked till late morning. We fell asleep with the coming of the new morning. My last words to her. I love you my darling and thank you.

Coyote?John Castellenas