Rise and fall

026_26027_27Rise and fall

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We believe we can control all things. We can’t.


                                 Rise and fall

First dance, last dance
The first kiss, the last kiss
The embrace, the release
Laughter/ tears
The song/Withering words

Love was young and sweet.
We made the night forget the daylight.
You were my delicious nymph and
my noble beauty who bared her body and soul
to me by the Fall full moon.

You were my Autumn treasure.

I remembered when you came to my home.
Lite soft candles and slowly disrobed.
You yield to me soft and tender skin and
you stood in the gentle light of the candles.
Your skin glistering and your quivering body looking so sweet and beautiful.

You asked me. Johnnie, do you love me?

I told you. You are my kindred in hope and dreams.
I wanted you near since I saw you last Summer in your white Summer dress.
You made me imagine and dream of your perfect body near and
to taste the sweetness of your lips and tender skin.

Sweet Jenny laughs and she fell into my arms.
She whispered. Let’s live and love.
Allow the rising sun to find lovers in embrace not fearing the treason of love.

Coyote/John Castellenas