The Raven and the Coyote


The Raven and the Coyote

A Story by Coyote Poetry


A story. Some of my Ojibwa heritage coming out.


                             The Raven and the Coyote

The Raven watched the moon. Her interest awoken by the sitting Coyote on the mountain ridge. The Coyote was the trickster. He should be dancing and creating havoc. He sat watching the raising moon since early dust. The piercing eyes of the Raven watched the subdued Coyote with great interest.  The Raven went to the Coyote. Sitting near him and she asked him. If you loved her.  Why did you set her free? You restraints in the want of love when you should of been begging for her to stay. She seized your heart and you wished her well in her new journey away from you.

The Coyote looked at the Raven and he told her. You and I had shared many meals. Discussed  the sky and the moon often. We know life is unfair and a unknown journey.  I know you can’t stop the moon from rising to light up the midnight sky. You can’t stop the sun from rising in the early morning. Love is contagious. We can be bounded and condemned. We welcome the dance and the embrace. Are we truly prepared? The restraint in love can leave the water calm. Desperate attempts at love glory can cause great hell storms and hurricane of mass destruction.

The Raven looked confused and she asked. I saw you kneel at her feet. You worship her face, eyes and words. I watched her seduced you and condemned you to be alone. Her magnificent beauty and her confessing of love made you dance with her. Wild and freely for the entertainment of the night and the stars. I remember hearing you call her name to the holy moon. She bewitched  you with pledges of love that could not be.

Coyote came close to the Raven and he whispered. If you don’t have enough or the forest so deep cannot bare the splendor of true love. Don’t fall to the complex emotion of love. Some woman cannot be held down without gifts of wild and deep passion. Old Coyote is at his ending. Sweet woman wanted too much. Better to release and try to forget. I have learn peace for I set her free. Free to find someone not banished in the heart and empty in the fortune of love. The trickster know too. Love can arise again. Sometime  the fire is burning so hot and can be encased into uncontrolled want and need. She is gone my dear friend Raven. Love nest need two people willing to die and live for love.

Coyote stood up. The Raven asked we hunt and dance tonight. The Coyote smiled and told the Raven. Ain’t dead till the blood is dried-up and body weak. Let’s dance for the moon and the stars.

The moon and the star were laughing. They saw the Raven and Coyote dancing with the wind.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry