No sweeter taste than love my friend. “Beatrice”

c0d09-isadora_embed048_48My beautiful Beatrice.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


The ocean is near, no place to be and a beautiful Italian girl. Paradise for the lucky in love and life.


                               My beautiful Beatrice.

Miracles and sweet dreams can be rebirth by the sea and laughter.
My brown eyed girl. We danced on every beach from Big Surf to San Francisco.
I remember drinking beer, laughter and dancing in the lights of San Francisco.
Sweet Beatrice held no fear of celebrating life and making every moment come alive.

I watched her dance on the Monterey Bay beach. She danced around me. Her hair flowing in the gentle Spring breeze. Her laughter overtook me and I joined in the dance.

I told her we have joined the people. Who shared love and laughter with the spirit of the sea. The sea hold a million secrets of love lost and gain.

She brought me closer. She whispered. “Better have lived on the edge and challenged every moment. No safe shelters. We can’t surrender to the rules. Never know when this is the last dance, the last chance for happiness.”

Beautiful Beatrice made no promises. She was in California for three months. My good friend send her to me. He told me. You are the only one crazy enough to keep her happy and busy. (Was his wife sister)

I remember the tender kisses, her soft hand holding my hand tightly as we roamed the seaside cities and beaches. She taught me. Real gifts are given without require payment. . Real love is given without fear.

It was  a full moon night. The ocean was dancing on the shore and the breeze was whispering a song of a lover past. A song to rebirth joy and laughter.  To show us the way to freedom and great dreams.

Beatrice was leaving in the morning. She promise letters to keep our hope and love alive. I held her till the sun rose from the east. I told her. “I ‘m not sad. I have held a kind woman and we danced upon the sea and the  streets of the old cities with me. Taught me love is good and not to be held down. I will have you always in my heart and sweet dreams.”

Beatrice kissed me good bye. I knew I would never see her again. A wild heart can’t be held down.

In life. It is rare for two strangers with the same desire of the journey and wandering heart to find each other.
I was thankful for my muse of joy and happiness.

I looked at the sky. It was the first star. I made a wish. I wish to find a fearless woman to dance upon lonely beaches, who desire the long highway and the mystery to be seen and learn.

I love you my Beatrice.