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A Poem by Chris

“Who will place a marker in the field where the children are?”

“Who will place a marker in the field where the children are?”




How many times must “angels” fall

because of another’s decision to define their existence

– their self-worth and …humanity?

– their godliness and reverence

– their perception of personal power and purpose

– the rightness and righteousness of THEIR-alone-choice

in and with the blood, hurt, fear, tears and endings

of another?


And I know – KNOW – there WAS

a rush of

“YESSS” – and arms raised in celebration and


And – “We SHOWED THEM!!”

Glad-handing and backslaps…

yells, catcalls and pride-full-shouts!

…as infants,


brothers, sisters, cousins, parents –


fell through and from the sky


and impacted the unyielding earth.


We’ve seen it all before …we have.

Witnessed over and over and still over again

as the chosen-to-be-guilty

became memories

…of someone’s wars

…of another’s times

…of personalized slaughters by-execution-by-decapitation-



by choice

by whim

…by merely existing.


We’ve seen how many mass graves discovered?  And they

and their victims were the honest sense of honor,

pride, and purpose held by …“someone”?

They were and remain HIDDEN

…hidden… hidden by purpose and choice –

Hidden because of individuals’ sense

of rightness? -for what they did?

for what was done? …yeah, right… proud

and personal monuments to their “Cause”.

Even the rivers hold their secrets while awaiting

the cease of winter’s melt and spring’s flow.


And we…

we memorialize the victims –

plaques, markers, …places,

community led prayers and individual remembrances,

candlelight vigils, walks …talks, poems… shared tears

ribbons, flowers, crosses, …stars…

personal “leavings” that mean something to US –

and after – well, people return and are heart-full again

touched …again

through the years – again

but nothing –

nothing ever remains of or for

…the killer, the choice-maker.


Who stands now

Fist to the sky

Pride FULL

With a joyous shout of “IT WAS I!!”

“I DID THIS!!”  …anyone?

Anyone at all?


“Who will place a marker in the field where the children are?”


Damn them all to their hell.




PS:  “What they left behind.”  is a gallery of images on CNN’s page.






Strange, how much goes on ‘tween the ticks’-

tocks, the feel and self sound of each pulse-

beat, of the rushing blood paused within the eyes-

blink, while the mind’s measure of our existence


as the world




© 2014 Chris