January 6, 2013 Notes to file: On Peace

Heal, not kill. One planet and one people.


Returning from 2012 Pilgrimage, I applied something I learned.  I changed my signature sign off with Pax Tecum and sometimes added this characters _/_ .   Pax Tecum is a Latin word for Peace Be With You. 
It was quite funny because some recipients do not understand what Pax Tecum mean.  One response I received was: Hi Pax.  Thus, my first name became Pax, last name Tecum. 
The vision of peace in my mind are those who received the Nobel Prize Winners on Peace:  
 I have attended a conference of Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama once.  These two were quite humorous.  I can’t remember what the conference was all about.  I was more interested in bringing my good friends JGB and TXL.  JGB is a follower of Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama but not a believer.  TXL is a follower of Dalai Lam, a Buddhist.  Where do I fit in? …

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