“Sweet whispers”


Sweet whispers

The voice  of leonard Cohen singing in the background.

I read  words from a beautiful woman.
Sweet offering of love and emotion.

I know women are  gifts to a wise man.
Passionate  kisses and long embraces are like wine.
Become better with time.

Doors of love open slowly for men willing to see and feel.

She teases me with sweet words.
Creating visions of a beautiful woman undressing for me.
Dancing in the light of Lady midnight.

I whisper I need to see you naked. I need you wild.
The night is long and in the heat of the dance.
Let’s surrender our wall of fear and disappointment.

Allow my hands to caress your soft skin.
Slowly digest your body from feet to sweet lips.

Her temptation are like sweet whispers to awaken my tired soul
in the loneliness of  darkness.
She awakes my dreams and imagination.

Her words create sweet dreams and re-open desire to dance in
emotion of love, passion and lust.