The nectar of you

The nectar of you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old memories and very good places.


        The nectar of you

She gave me gestures of kindness. Openly opening the door of friendship. Her long brown hair and gentle green eyes unraveled my fear of her beautiful face and long tan perfect legs. She wanted from me, long talks above poetry and wanted to travel with, someone who loved to roam the old cities and the coastline. She asked me to take her to San Francisco and Big Sur. She told me. I want you to read me poetry by the sea and drink the tequila till we cannot see.

She was almost six feet in height, her legs as long as the Texas highways. She bewitched my thoughts and dreams. I took her to San Francisco first. We wandered the old city all day and into the night. We searched for good conversation and places to drink. We found the house of a thousand beers. We drank till closing time and we fell asleep in the back-end of my truck. In the morning. The polite police of San Francisco awoke us at 6 am and told us to find coffee and leave the downtown area.

I took her to the fault-line.  We free-climbed into the mountains. Finding unknown and secret places. I showed her my hidden waterfall and she stripped down and stood nude in the flowing waterfall.  I sat at a distance and I  drank the tequila till she came to me. Standing nude and she asked me. Are you afraid of me?  I knew from tripping often  in love. If two people don’t seek middle ground. No-one can win.  Better to wait till the North Dakota beauty decided she wanted me. I told her. We need to move slow and easy. I want your friendship first dear Gail. If we skip friendship. We can end-up in the wrong place. She wrapped her arms around me and told me.  Johnnie, you are wise for your young age.

She left the Military in May and stayed in Monterey. I brought her good wine and needed furniture. I took her to Big Surf often. She loved the River Inn. We would go to Plieffer beach and she would sun-bath nude and lay her head in his lap. I would read my poetry to her and watched her sun-blessed body. She asked me again. Are you afraid of me? I smiled and I told her. I’m leaving soon for Fort Hood, Texas. If I tasted the sweet nectar of your lips, skin and learn to need you. I would go mad when I leave you. She smiled and told him. Fragment of a tempting love can be enough. You can’t control love and need. Love need to be free and wild dear Poet, like your words.

She reached over and kissed him once, than again.

Beneath the late Spring moon. Two people found comfort near the sea. They drank the tequila and danced with the waves. He knew love was near and so far away. Breath-taking woman control their destiny. Giving a phantom of a love, can it be enough?

We spend six weeks together. I recital poetry nightly to her. I entwined my thoughts and life into her. I loved her aura of freedom and learn freedom of emotion in her sweet kiss, her voice and the movement of her body.  I knew I was just a stop for her. A kind gift to a Poet needing a muse. I left her in July for Texas. Our last days we just sat all day on the Monterey Bay beach, holding each other. Knowing the ending was coming.

I never saw her again. I received letter from her from Europe and the East Coast. She was traveling with some band. Poet wrote.

Legs as long as a Texas highway.
Kisses so sweet, stole my heart and dreams.
Sweet Summer wine and my missed muse.
Always near in sweet dreams and hope.

Coyote/John Castellenas