Little truth


Little truth

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Rarely we know the real facts. A controlled media leave us blind and dumb.


                              Little truth

Dead cities. Now destroyed and burned.

Who have won these wars?

Millions of people are displaced and homeless.
Who is the enemy?
Who is the friend?

Monsters and wild dogs control once secure parts of our world.

Who do you fight?
We armed the monsters and wild dogs.
Are we part of the killing?

Now old wars demand more blood.
Monsters and wild dogs must be put down.
War demand more payment.

Soldier will be send.
Who will protect the sheep in the front of the bombs and the guns?

Brother killing brother.
Raping, pillaging and murder.
Who decide what is right and who is wrong?

I hope the Gods are watching.
I don’t believe in hell anymore.
Hell is with us.

I believe. He who harmed the child, the woman and the old people.
Will pay a costly debt.
Today or tomorrow.
Karma is a fair judge.

Monsters and wild dogs must be killed.
I pray to know one day of peace before I leave this world.

Pray for the people surrounded by hate.
Please lord of life and death.
Stop the hate and begin the healing.
Please ensure every child is safe.
I’m tire of war.
heal, not kill.

We need a miracle. Monsters and wild dogs must be stopped.
They want hate and separation to grow.
The Arab world must stop the chaos.
This is one world and one people.
Never a excuse to kill and murder.

Coyote/John Castellenas