Arousing illusion



b6d86-seduction_leads-topimageComeArousing illusion

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need temptation to make us wish and expand want and need.


Arousing illusion
Old man told the kid sitting with him at the bar.
The senses. Taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing.
Make us live and die in them.
Make us want things we cannot have and attempt dances with the devil.The young Soldier saw a long-legged beauty  dancing alone. Hair auburn red hair moving with the song and she
gave him a smile of welcome. The old man smiled. She is pretty as a picture when booze and the song
is good. Many kinds of woman. Some want forever and some need to be aroused by music, drugs, sex
and the booze. Being aroused is just illusion create by the needs of things we should not have.The Soldier asked. Is she dangerous? She is so beautiful and the more I watch her. The more I want her near. Old man laughed at the young man.Itis  okay brother. Realm of life is worthless. Better to devout life. Just be careful. Sometime love isn’t the reason. Fresh called for peace. The flesh is never content.  It is okay to dance in un-profound love. If you know the ending. The fall is less painful. All ofusare condemned to the need of the woman. Hollow heart needs caress and thefeelto be needed. Sometime seeking comfort and being kind is enough.Pretty woman came and took the willing soldier away. Old man smiled. He remembered the dances and the arousing illusions of love. He raised his glass and thank the gods of the night for woman who don’t want to hold you forever. Just wantto be bounded by love beneath the lonely and cold Winter moon.Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry