Death, suicide and hope and a prayer

Death, suicide and hope and a prayer

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A poem and prayer for Brittany Maynard.


                                   Death, suicide and hope and a prayer

Death With Dignity Advocate

Understand death? I don’t know what is right or wrong?
A beautiful young woman name Brittany Maynard in Oregon will take some drugs.
Fall into a peaceful sleep and know a permanent death.

Leaving family and friends to mourn. Is this legal suicide?  Her story brought tears to my eyes.
Is a second of life worth the pain of cancer?

I don’t know. There are many kinds of suicides. My two younger brothers went to a private place and
they hung themselves. They thought death was more tempting and sweeter than life. Robin Williams taught us
suicide is near us and we must struggle to keep hope.

Now in many countries. People can decide suicide/euthanasia over fighting illness. It is cheaper than trying to fight sickness. People accept the drugs to save cost. Is this right?  Cheaper for the Medical insurance and the government. Volunteer euthanasia? If the Government support. Something isn’t right.

I have outlived my dreams. I don’t fear death. I can’t volunteer for euthanasia because many count on a old man kindness. I must live to ensure other have a fair chance. Suicide can be slow death also. I have watched many drink themselves to death. A very bad death. My dear Grandmother had some pain. The hospital over drugged her and she fell into a permanent sleep. They overdosed her and killed her. Was this a form of force suicide? Wasn’t her decision.

Dear brothers and sisters. I will send my last daughter to college. I’m scare to death my baby girl will be far from the nest. My children, my reasons and blessings, who give me reasons and purpose to be alive. If I lost one child to sickness or accident. A part of me would be lost.

I disagree with volunteer suicide/euthanasia. I believe we need to seek cure and fight till the last breathe. This is a hard topic. When the government passes laws for us to decide suicide over life? I don’t know?
I send my prayer and hope to the dear woman Brittany Maynard. I PRAY for a miracle. Maybe if we all PRAY. Maybe we can create miracles. Brittany is a strong woman. She lived in Oregon and I pray she make the correct decisions. I would fight for my last breathe to be able to hold grandchildren and see my family. I know death will come for the all of us. We must fight till we cannot.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry