Horror GIF of the Week Presents: 31 More Horrorific GIFs

Happy Halloween.

The Year of Halloween

Eva Halloween is a terrible monster.  Look at the gifs the picked out for this year.  She knows I hate eyeball stuff and she has eyeballs ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I should be able to complain to the internet writers union that doesn’t exist.  And every time I look at that scene from Misery I think of the time I broke my ankle playing basketball during a free period in high school.  So essentially this entire set of images is a carefully honed attack against me.

She thought she would turn the tables on me, seeing as I was too lazy busy doing important things to gather up a batch of my own.  She knows I hate having spiders crawl on my face, and catching on fire, and getting stabbed in the foot.  But her plan had a fatal flaw, and his name is Gary.


You can look at that…

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