Katie do, Katie does

OLTRE27da26743fff3b484da57032a48f0407031_31Katie do, Katie does

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Good to be fearless and touch dreams.


                      Katie do, Katie does

Beautiful as the rising Summer sun.
Sweet and kind like the fresh Fall sweet honey.
She told me. If you want me.
Must leave your tomb and find me.
A divided heart will die a lonely one.

I told her. Tragedy of a cowardice life.
Is accepting not enough.
Slaying your dreams and settling for a subtle life.
Waiting for nothing.

Sweet Katie left Texas. She left to find sweet dreams  and
I accepted dark skies and a trouble heart.

But it is okay. My tire bones don’t want much anymore.
Sweet and kind woman can arouse tire hope and spirit for a moment.
The bruised heart need some kind of peace and calm.
I see in sweet dreams. Beautiful Katie dancing, drinking and
celebrating being alive.

Autumn is coming and I know Katie is content.
She took me to Paris and one day.
I will return to Paris with a mysterious beauty where Hemingway
drank and laughs. Whisper secret hope and wants.
We will laugh at things wanted and things left behind.
I love my Katie. Katie was fearless.
Katie do, Katie does.

Coyote/John Castellenas