Endings and beginnings


                                         First love. Last love?044_44

                                        Dear Brigitte. A perfect Angel.

Endings and beginnings.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love teaches us many lessons.


Endings and beginnings


Endings and beginnings

She was my salvation in the Winter of 1978.
I gave up everything I believed in.
I left a sweet love to fall into her arms.
I fell deeper and deeper into dangerous places.

She was  so beautiful.
Those blue eyes that stole my thoughts and dreams.
Soft kisses led to opening of tender flesh.
Leonard Cohen sang for us. “A million kisses deep.”
As we forsake fear to create a fire. That would not descend from my memory.
She never promised forever and I didn’t know love would peak than fall.

Deeper and deeper love would take us.
Make us anticipate a sweet lullaby of two in a forever place.
She told me often. I love you Johnnie. I love you so, Johnnie. You accept me
and make me blind with rage and desire.

I told  her a thousand times, I love you. Sweet words that lost value with the expanding need
of drugs, alcohol and testing life. She left me behind and alone.

Sweet woman besieged my heart and left me with whiskey dreams, cigarettes and a lonely stillness.
I write bar poetry now. The young sad girl told me in the lonely tavern. Johnnie read to me. Make me
cry and want love.

Forsake me.
Take me.
Sway my heart.
The midnight hour.
The sweetest hour.
Make me forget regret.
Create a celestial fire of new hope and need.

The pretty girl smiled and she asked. Are there beginnings and endings? Are endings just education for us?
Old Johnnie took the cigarette and inhaled deeply. He turn to the young woman and he whispered.

Deeper and deeper we will fall
Noble love  because dirty with time.
We will shed the innocent and allow our heart to slumber.
Love gives and she takes.
Always a beginning.
The melody of love is overpowering.
We will lay beneath lights from gentle candle and
believe love is life. Life is love.
Love will forsake us.
Always an ending. Just like a good book.
I don’t know. Maybe we not supposed to know
lavishness of love forever.

Maybe love supposed to fade

Pretty woman laid her head on my shoulder and cried for me. I caressed her like a small child. Her eyes seemed to light-up and she asked me with trembling breath. Do you believe drinking to blindness is better? Please Johnnie, let’s take a walk. Toss the whiskey dreams away. Tell the stars and moon. We don’t want love anymore. We need just enough. Please hold me tightly tonight and let’s start a new song.

I stood up and took dear Brigitte hand. I saw kindness and concern in her gentle blue eyes. I pushed the beer and whiskey away and I told her. “Don’t cry for me dear Brigitte. You grace me with dear friendship. I will go with you. Maybe we can find an unknown place where lovers don’t give up.

Coyote/John Castellenas