Chevy Van

Great music and words. Please listen and read.


Lock is frozen
Snow tonight
Thaw it open
Zippo light.

Got a pint of Southern Comfort
fuel to keep a body warm;
not much gas to run the heater
eleven hours ‘till the dawn.

Well maybe just a little heat
hear that Chevy motor groan
come on baby, that a girl
keep your daddy nice and warm.

Got a sandwich from St. Vincent’s
cheese that’s all-American
thoughts of momma’s toasted cheese
in dreams, I am a boy again.

Take a swig of Southern Comfort
makes you feel that glow inside
time to kill the Chevy motor
it’s so cold; Oh Lord abide.

Now I lay me down to dream
Army trench coat keep me warm
a box of medals for a pillow
Fallujah and the metal storm.




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