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A Chapter by Sugar Plum ♥


My thoughts and observation on the process of writing


There is no simple or complete explanation of what creative writing is, even there are so many things we can point out. Specially about the process of writing. Here I borrowed some nice examples from different sources for what is writing.
Writing is a method of representing language in visual or tactile form. Writing systems use sets of symbols to represent the sounds of speech, and may also have symbols for such things as punctuation and numerals. 
the activity or skill of writing
the activity or occupation of composing text for publication.
(google dictionary)
one very good definition is given by the site  www.englishclub.com
“Writing” is the process of using symbols (letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces) to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form.”
and the very full explanation of Wikipedia:
Writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the inscription of signs and symbols. In most languages, writing is a complement to speech or spoken language. Writing is not a language but a form of technology. Within a language system, writing relies on many of the same structures as speech, such as vocabularygrammar and semantics, with the added dependency of a system of signs or symbols, usually in the form of a formal alphabet. The result of writing is generally called text, and the recipient of text is called a reader. 
We could find many more detailed or complicated or simple definitions about writing, but all of them have some specific components in common: language, communication, vocabulary, grammar, semantics, symbols, text. 
We can observe several stages preceding the writing process. 
1) need to write
2) need to form a thought in a special way
3) need to share this thought
4) inspiration, which comes in moments and which transforms the creative energy within us.
5) willing and implementation of the need of writing.
The stages after the writing is completed:
1) view to your own writing from objective point (or make yourself with the eyes of the reader)
2) observe and review (try to catch your weak places and strong places)
3) Accept and require an objective review of another “writer”
4) seek for an objective view of someone who is “non writer”, more than one
5) make a self-analysis of your writing, pointing out the weaknesses and the strong sides. 
6) compare your writing (in a distance objective way) with the writing of another. 



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Writing Plants ~

A Chapter by Sugar Plum ♥

metaphors, growing, seeds, inspiration, process, desire

This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

  1. Writing Plants ~

In order to write, you require to have on the first place: motivation, patience, willing to share and persistence. If you don’t have inspiration, then you can find the way to search for it. (and there are ways) Motivation is the certainty that you want that and that it will lead you to some positive and good results, in this case creating a text. Patience is the way to anything, connected with creating art or any kind of “work”. Even God created all for 6 days, so He needed a certain period of time, no matter how long or short could be this to us. And no matter of the symbolism. When you want to grow a plant, you first need a ground, soil where it will grow, and then you need the seed itself. You cant expect this plant to grow for a single minute or so fast, it needs a time. When your hair grows, it takes a time, until it become long, with any process of creating is the same.

The metaphor of the plant could be used successfully in the process of writing. In the way:

  1. the seed of plant ” is the seed of idea and desire to share it by “writing” it. This sharing could be just with yourself, or with others.
  2. The soil or place where we put the plant ” the surrounding atmosphere of the process of writing, the obstacles, but mostly the inner feeling, so if we are angry, or affected by something, it will reflect our writing, and if we are happy and serene, our text will appear the same in feeling. (here there is a hint- not always that happens, because our emotions are sometimes intentionally turning to opposite, and this happen as we want to “escape” from the sense of reality and to create our own reality. In this way, some of the greatest and valuable works of literature were created, while the author was in a sad or miserable situation, but he created his way to escape or transform this situation. It is how the literature could be a form of magic.
  3. The root of the plant, that grows is the patience and willing of the writer. If we leave the plant for itself, without water, it will soon die, but the root is in our intentions to keep it well and green.
  4. The water we give to the flower is the inspiration and the process of searching we make. This could extend to so many activities, positive for our consciousness in writing. (no matter what kind of text) So the water is:
  • – when we read intentionally the writings of others
  • – when we analyze and review the writings of others
  • – when we read Classical or modern literature.
  • – When we discuss or take part in literature discussions;
  • – When we turn back to our old writings/ poems and read them again
  • – When we are not afraid to admit and accept our weak points in writing
  • – When we are not afraid to experiment and change what we don’t like;
  1. the stem of plant is our progress and steps of improvement in writing; the more it grows, the better it becomes, but also needs more water and more care.
  2. the leaves of plant ” are our individual thoughts and perceptions, that are developed with the time. Without time, its not possible they to become so green and fresh.
  3. the flower of the plant ” is the actual achievement, which comes with work and realizing the progress we made, through comparison, and exercising. (*here I want to note something important! Not all writings and texts we create are so valuable, but surely they are have a value of our own personal steps to the progress and creativity. Practicing of dancing is with many hours spend in dancing, in the same way practicing of writing happens only with more writing, and activities related to this. So nothing is meaningless, even the “failures” have meaning.
  4. The sun, which is so important for the plant, could be seen in many ways. It is the light that comes from our hearts and emotions, and which provokes the actual writing. It could be also the hope and encouragement, that others give to us, by reading and commenting on our writing, and by their support, by helping us to see the mistakes in any level.


These are just part of the points, connected with the creating of text, specially creative writing.

{ © Sugar plum}

— June 014 —


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