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Seeds -the inner desire to write ~

A Chapter by Sugar Plum ♥

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III. Seeds ” the inner desire to write


“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.”
“Ray Bradbury

One of the most important aspects of writing is the desire of it. Not everyone can feel it, and specially not everyone has ideas or emotions to share. This is the seed of the plant, just the start of the new life. Something is prepared to grow, just asking for the proper time and place. As we see from the quote of the great writer Ray Bradbury, the ideas are our inner alarm clock, they make us awake, and standing in front of our writing desks, computer and so on…We need this simple fire, in order to know ourselves. The first thing about that “seeds” is realizing them and accepting them. When you have new idea, ready to be poured out, so do that as soon as possible. The delay of that special moment is critical, and your muse could be gone. Actually I have to note here, that not every “desire” to write is equal to inspiration in this high sense, and maybe opposite is also truth. But desire is the essence, even if your muse is still silent. But with the desire comes also the inspiration, which is its stage, means a forming of the emotion, feeling and its connection with our true mind. This is very clear and conscious process.

So there is no meaning of the seed itself, if its not put into the proper soil, the same as just a pure “desire” to write is meaningless without the inspiration, and the act of writing, implementation. The desire is just the starting point, it leads us to the process and to finalization. So be aware always, when you have the desire, to put down your basic ideas for what you`ll write, self-view, emotion, feeling, a story, a collage… There are so many forms of expressing your ideas. We talk here about the creative writing specially.


When you create the suitable surroundings, you`ll also open the way to the “inspiration”.  If you feel lost on the way to creative writing, there are some simple suggestions that will help you to go on the way of light:


  1. Read poems, which you like and which you find inspiring;
  2. read poems of unknown poets, and writings which are close to you;
  3. don`t read texts, you cant understand!
  4. listen to the nice music, which can open your senses for any positive result;
  5. try to write a little strophe or a line with some basic idea in it, it may lead to more!
  6. read a book from your childhood which was your favorite;
  7. read your texts/ poems, which other like most;
  8. read your texts/ poems, which you like most;


These are very few of my suggestions, even though this process is very personal and everyone should discover it for himself. The writing mostly is process, connected with work more than with inspiration.

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Root – the patience and willing

A Chapter by Sugar Plum ♥

writing, poems, inspiration, process


  1. Root ” the patience and willing


The root of the plant will be stronger, the more willing you are to take care of the plant. When you give water to the root, it takes it up to the stem and to the leaves. This process is called “patience” in our metaphoric case of writing. Connection is obvious. You cant be inspired every day and every minute…Does that mean that you should wait for a moment of inspiration, in order to write? No, that is how we learn to be willing to continue. Our writing is a provocation to ourselves, requires patient work, writing, rewriting, rereading and correcting of mistakes. There is no easy way to achieving any high goal. We have to give water to the root of our texts ” by more writing, and more reading. The text will become like the plant, growing seed, little by little it will develop. In the process of writing poems, its little different, as that won`t be obvious in the frame of just one poem. It is a process of realizing where you want to go, and even who you are. Poetic souls are complicated in their thinking, as they want to express all what is inside. Writing is a little revolution of the inner self, trying to overcome the barriers of real world, and flowing into the art of text or poem.

We shouldn`t stay in one place and closed in our ideas and our style. Of course we have to develop a writing style first, and the sign of it is to not be influenced too much by the writings of others. (even such influence to be inevitable).

The text we write is the provocation, a travel into our mind and hearts, which we want to describe in our special way. This way carries the stamp of our individuality. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone wants that. And not everyone could have the patience to make it. Also not everyone can transform his emotions into art of words. The creative writing is exactly that ” art of words, drawing by words, creating visual allusions by words, making feeling of sounds and melody by words. That is how many poems became songs. What poetry makes is to affect on the senses and inner emotions. It is one of the most expressive arts, together with the dance. When we read a poem, it can affect in our imagination, which happens mostly for a vision, but in some details we can feel the surrounding, wind, or nature, to feel cold or warm, to listen to sounds, smell flowers.

One poem called “Annbel Lee” of Edgar Allan Poe (I just took the random example)


For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,
In the sepulchre there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea.


The story told in the last verse, brings sadness. And its even without to know the end. It is a lonely tribute to the memory of his beloved Annabel, her image is made shining in a very poetic way, like the face of the moon and stars. The word “dream” also creates a special atmosphere, making us think that all that story never really happen. The repeated words like “beautiful Annabel Lee”, “my darling, my darling” gives the strong feeling of sadness and lamenting for the past days. The image is very clear, the person in love surrounded by darkness, in which the only light is of his beloved. The sea as if takes her away, in the last line there is such allusion of sea ” as a tomb. Looking closely to this poem of sadness and love (even we cant say “true love” because of the details of the beginning ” thy were children, and not much more is said about them). But the impression it creates is strong. We can smell this sadness, smell the sea and the atmosphere. That is how the poem can affect on the senses and inner feelings of the reader. The main symbolic components, or cores of this last verse are: moon, stars, bride, tomb, sea. Each of them carry special meaning, by reading it properly and creating connections between them, we can analyze the poem.

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