New York city. Part two. Central Park.

Central Park

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A day in New York


                    Central Park

I awoke smelling fresh coffee and pancakes/bacon being cooked. I saw Dorothy was busy in her kitchen. I found my traveling bag. Took out my toothbrush and razor. I went to the bathroom. I left the door open and she appeared and asked. Are you hungry Soldier? I’m sorry, I awoke you. I was trying to be quiet. I told her.  I didn’t hear a peep. I always awake early. The Army life liked the early morning. She smiled. What do you want to see today? I told her I have a list of things I wanted to do. I will bring the list to you at breakfast. She was a beauty. Her glasses lowered and her long reddish brown hair running free. She was wearing thermal pajamas for the coldness of the New York nights. She came to me and gave me a hug. She told me. I needed some company. I was getting lonely.

I looked at my list.
1.  Chumbley’s speakeasy
2.  Chelsea Hotel
3. Central Park
4. Yankee Stadium
5. Lombardi’s Pizzeria
6. See and walk the Broadway theater district.
7. See and walk Time Square
8. Visit and drink at the Whitehorse  Tavern Inn
9. Visit and drink at P.J Clarke’s
10. Visit and drink at the Kettle of fish

I hope I didn’t show a drunker. I wanted to visit the spots where the old and new writers gain reasons to live and write. A lot of taverns and speakeasy on the list. I went to the kitchen. She was listening to the local news. She told me. Not a bad day. Close to 50 degrees. Would be a good day for Central Park? I gave her my list and she gave me the eggs, bacon and pancakes. She poured the coffee and she read the list. She smiled and she told me. A good list. You have the best pizza place and some of the best literature hangouts. You have done your research Johnnie. She sipped her coffee and held silence. Her hazel eyes glowing with excitement. She told me. We will do some of the list. New York city is bigger than people know. The old truck is useless. We will use buses and trains. We can roam to Central Park than to one of the taverns. I believe you will like The Whitehorse Inn.  Very old and very cool.

I told her. I’m very thankful for your time. I hope I’m not a bother. I came out of no-where. You gave me your home and good company. She looked sad and told me. My brother came back from the war. Before the war we were very close. We had the great plans to discover the city of New York.  He came home and was very violence. The V.A is helping him. I don’t know if he can be okay?  I stood up and wrapped my arms around her and I told her. Just be his friend. Have concern for him. Love and kindness is all we can give and we must hope. He will find his way back again. She released me and she told me. Thank you Johnnie. Eat quickly and I will shower and get dressed, then you can shower Johnnie.

I sat alone in her kitchen. I saw on a table. Family pictures. Parent and children smiling. Picture of a boy and girl smiling. The happy days. I knew her sadness. I bury three brothers. It is sad when the family picture bring more sadness than joy. I knew many men and women who were mess-up by war. War is cold. Take the human spirit to the limit and leave emptiness. War didn’t effect me yet. My city of Detroit taught me death young. I was lucky I followed the tanks in war. Few enemies messed with the tanks. 50 cal machine had respect. She appeared in jeans and silk blouse. Her hair still wet and flowing to her shoulders. Her glasses were off. She was a Irish beauty who could steal a man’s heart if she willed. I told her she was the prettier woman I had seen in many years. She laughed and told me. Flattery will get you everywhere. Go take a shower. The day is being wasted.

We took the bus to Central Park. We arrived with a full bus load. First warm day in a while. Everybody was content. The park was filled with people eating lunch, feeding the birds and walking the dogs and kids. A lot of people were jogging and running. Enjoying this day. On the bus ride. Dorthy pointed out her favorite places. Describing each place. I loved the shine in her eyes. She grasped my right  hand and held it tightly. She told me, the best pizza for lunch at Lombardi’s Pizzeria for us. Tonight we will roam Time’s square. Today we got lucky. A warm Indian Summer day. Good for us to roam the park. I will show you my favorite places. I like the old bridges and statues. She looked sad and asked. Did I ask what you wanted to see? I kissed her face-cheek and told her. You are my tour guide. I will follow you anywhere.

She laughed at my comment and she said very good. I liked the park. Was a lot of old timers hanging about. The young people were enjoying the day. Having good conversation and drinking coffee. I told Dorothy. I need some coffee and to sit down. I want to enjoy the park and talk with you. She said okay. First some coffee and off to my favorite bridge Gapstow bridge. We bought two triple expressos and wandered the Gapstow bridge. It was a beautiful place. Even with Winter.  She told me. This is her favorite place. Quiet and beautiful. I come here to do my writing and find some peace.  I told her. A perfect place. Like the city is far way. She looked at me and she asked. Will you visit me again Johnnie? Are we friends? I’m glad to have met you. You helped me with my brother. I didn’t know what to do. I gave her a quick kiss and I told her. I will be at Fort Dix for awhile. If your want. I will come and see you while I’m here. I have no ideal where I will be stationed. Us Soldiers are pay-for and owned. Yes we are friends. You were kind to me. I needed kindness too. She said very good and gave me a warm kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly by the Gapstow bridge.

She took me to her favorite statue. She had many. Her favorite one was Alice in Wonderland. I watched her look at the beautiful statue. She told me. It is sad we must become old in heart and spirit. Would be nice to have our wonderland somewhere. We took a taxi to Lombardi’s Pizzeria. The place was perfect. The smell of pizza surrounded the complete room. They seated us in the back. I felt a hand across my high and tight haircut. A older Italian woman was looking at me and said. Nice haircut. Did you serve in the war son? I told her yes. She got quiet for a second and told me. Thank you for your service. Please allow a old woman to kiss your cheek and buy you a glass of wine. I told her she was welcome to both. She kissed my cheek and walked away. Dorothy smiled and she told me. Did I thank you Johnnie? I do appreciate your company. I told her it was my lucky day to have met her. I was having a great time. A old Italian man appeared. He put two red wine glasses on the table and he gave me a bear hug. He told me. Good to have soldiers here. I told him. Thank you for the wine and the kindness.

He asked how did I find his place? I told him. Everybody know the best pizza in the USA. It is Lombardi’s Pizza. He laughed and he told me. Best pizza for you and the pretty lady. Thank you for stopping in my place. Dorothy sat and watched. I told her. Too much love for me today. I came to find quiet and peace. You saved me from the loneliness dear Dorothy. Thank you.  She reached over and took my hands and kissed them and she asked. I need a favor? I told her anything. She asked. Come with me to see my brother? I told her, yes and when?
Coyote/John Castellenas